The Getaway

Baranti is magical with its serene villages, sylvan countryside, quaint peaceful villages, beautiful dam, moonlit nights and lush greenery that reminds you of your childhood dreams of running behind colorful butterflies in a open lawn !!!

If this is your idea of a retreat, then Baranti is the place to be. Just 250 km from Kolkata, it is close enough to leave the hustle bustle behind and stop by for the weekend for some much-needed solitude and rejuvination.

Elegantly located in the heart of Baranti, Akaasmoni Resort welcomes you to slip into a world of tranquility and serenity, in the backdrop of rustic village charm- a refreshing escape, that is situated so close to the city, yet so far from city blues. 

Beauty. Tranquility. Comfort.

Whatever is your reason to visit Baranti, Akaashmoni has all of them.

Its rustic and mersmerizing beauty, combined with warm hospitality, delivers unique moments to its each visitor at every turn.

Treat yourself to some unforgettable "You" time.

Come experience.